Dr. Nomad and other fishy people…heh

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Hey you all, I found some odourless, tasteless fish oil. It’s enteric coated and seems to be of high quality. If you want to check it out, go to the link I’ve provided. BTW…it’s on sale half price now, so now would be a good time to stock up. I ordered 4 bottles because they were only $12.95 each.


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  1. Anonymous added:

    Well, I’m hooked. This stuff is da bomb. It beats flax and other oils hands down any day of the week. I’ve been eating sugar, white flour, cheese, junk junk and more junk all week. My breakouts have been minimal. Keep in mind I’ve been overdosing on this stuff…taking about 7 capsules daily instead of 3 as suggested. I’m quite sure if I wasn’t taking this stuff, I’d be horribly broken out.

    The great thing is….NO BURPING UP FISH! YEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! :D :mrgreen :D

    I think I’m gonna order more while they are on sale. This stuff is really good. And you get a great “brain buzz” too!

  2. Anonymous added:

    Just ordered this . . . another addition to my suppliment collection.

  3. Carley added:

    whats the fish oils for? i thought oils was bad for your skin. my friend says to me not to have any oils in the cooking or on the face. this wont help my skin and it sounds like it might be a bit risky to try.

  4. Nomad added:

    when you put high quality oils on your face, your skin gets the message that its moisturized and in good shape… Therefore the skin slows down the oil production of its own. Its this oil that clogs the pores, not the good fish and olive oils.