Hot Water

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Is hot water ok for your skin? i heard that it can dry out the skin or even burst capilaries. i’ve been washing with hot(as possible) water to open the pores, then splashing with cold water to close it. i wonder if im doing more harm than good?

  1. Mimi added:

    Use lukewarm water to open your pores. Hot will only burn your skin and irritate pimples. Then as you said splash with cold to close them. Or you can ice your face instead of using cold water if you have a good set of active acne.

  2. Dana added:

    i use really hot water and its worked wonders. look at the topic called vinegar and it explains what i do in there :D

  3. Mari added:

    Really it helps you dana?

    Mmmm… I have always read its not good cause it opens your pores and increase chance of infection. Will have to do more research in this one. :eek

  4. Dana added:

    It used to help me but i quit that regimen i was doing. i think your right Mari. it does irritate the skin and stuff. wish i would have known that before :puppydogeyes