Cracks on corner of lips

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Well I think my lips managed to dry out badly during a holiday on the beach (roaccutane, salt, sun, water etc).

So I now have cracks in the corners of my mouth (i.e. slits or cuts on my lips).

I’ve been putting sorbolene cream on them and also opening a vitamin E capsule with a pin and putting that on my lips.

It’s kind of worked, though one side still looks really bad and I think another cut has formed. It’s been 3 weeks now 🙁

Any ideas? … would it just be from the dryness of the roaccutane or some kind of infection?


Answers from the Acne Archive - Cracks on corner of lips

  1. gav567 said:

    yeh, my lips did that but doesnt sound as bad. petroleum jelly sorts out my lips every time. you have to apply it regularly but it is very good