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Anyone have experience with maca root powder? Someone suggested it on Curezone and I did a little digging on it and I think I’m gonna try some. My skin has been fairly decent, with an outbreak here and there, but nothing too bad. Now, I’m trying to improve my health and skin and the maca root seems to be a good candidate. Comments ???

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  1. Lenore said:

    I took maca root for a while. It’s quite tasty actually (kind of a mocha flavor) but I started getting headaches, which is unusual for me, so I stopped taking it. I think I tried stopping and starting it and I started getting headaches again, so I stopped. I think I mixed it in rice milk and it made a very tasty drink. Too bad.

  2. Wally said:

    I’ve started taking it. Will update…

  3. Maya said:

    I use it in shakes, can’t say if it helps acne, but it is definately an aphrodisiac! Girls .. watch out for Wally!

    I love the taste, I add it to almond milk, chuck in a couple of dates, a small handful of goji berries and whisk in a blender! Yummy!

  4. Wally said:

    I usually just mix it with water and drink it. Its not that bad, as long as I don’t taste it. I heard its good for the adrenal glands which is primarily why I’m doing it.

  5. Lenore said:

    Hmm, Maya, sounds yummy. I don’t need an aphrodesiac right now — I have no one to aphrodese with 🙁

  6. Maya said:

    Hi Wally

    If you have adrenal issues, I can’t recommend gotu kola enough! Doesn’t cost much – better in tincture format and just add to some water a couple of times a day. Very good for stress and increasing mental powers.

  7. Maya said:

    Lenore – maybe it’ll make you a man magnet? :lol

  8. Lenore said:

    I think my “man magnet” is turned the opposite way right now — repelling instead of attracting. At least my skin is clear right now, although I feel like an old hag these days. I’ve got to start juicing — that should help a lot of things.