Newbie – help with scar gels

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I have scars on my back from acne, and have just been researching some products on the net that are within my price range. Here’s the list I have come up with:

RegimA: Centella Scar Treatment
Scar Esthetique
Scar FX
ScarFade Scar Gel
Laserfade Gel
Derma E

Anyone know which is the best?


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  1. Scar Boy said:

    Are they depressed scars? If so, those products are unlikely to help. You will probably need several TCA peels.

  2. kahlua said:

    Hmz, what is a depressed scar?

    Mine are kinda like dark brown scars

  3. Scar Boy said:

    Are they indented?

  4. kahlua said:


  5. PSiBeR said:

    Hi, I’m also a newbie. I also have scars, and I believe they are “Red Marks”

    Red Marks
    These are the most common type of scar and are a result of the body’s natural healing process. Initially, they may be red or brown and slightly raised but will become paler and flatten naturally over time, resulting in a flat, pale scar. This process can take up to two years.

    like these scars are like from previous pimples that have died out.
    I really have no clue on how I can get rid of these scars are make them look fainter.

    Any help would be appreciated as well.

  6. Lumas said:

    Try the tape method. Take scotch tape apply it over red mark areas and press it down gently for 3 seconds then pull right off. Do this twice a week. Really Really helps!

  7. Wally said:

    Lumas do you use the tape method? If so, it doesn’t cause flakeness?